Create Long Beep When Burning

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I have problem with my computer. It creates Long Beep Sound when I'm burning some video files. Only the sound come's out when I'm burning.  But Sometimes the sound doesn't comes out when I burn again another disk. I'm working in video Editing and I'm Using EDIUS Software. my PC is SuperMicro Computer. Please Help me to solve this problem.

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Create Long Beep When Burning


If nothing appears to be wrong with your BIOS configuration, it is time to start diagnosing just what all that beeping means. While figuring out what the beeps mean is by no means fool proof, by carefully identifying the pattern, you may be able to pinpoint the type of problem and correct it without having to invest in a computer repair company or a new system all together.

Listen to your computer carefully, make note of the amount of beeps and the type of beeps, and then do a search on Google to find out what it means. Most web sites will be able to tell you the type of problem associated with that sequence of beeping as well as common solutions for the problem at hand.

Some can be fixed as easily as making sure the power plug fits snugly in its slot and others may require the help of a PC technician. Either way, you can determine the problem and take the appropriate action to make sure your computer is running healthy when you run into a problem. The most important thing to remember is to not panic when something goes wrong, and you and your computer will be just fine.

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Create Long Beep When Burning


Hi there,

As you are telling that this problem occurs randomly than it is really kind of difficult to find out the real problem. But you can try some simple steps.

  1. Please check your computer’s RAM.
  2. Also check your CMOS battery is that connected properly or not!
  3. Check your optical Driver. Clean the driver in a regular basis.

If  all those do not show any kind of problem than please try any other software for editing and burning videos in CD. I can recommend you Nero burning software.

Thank you,

Riley weaver.

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