Create a cluster which is on ESXi

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I am trying to create a cluster which is on ESXi, but unfortunately I am getting error. One of the host shows me red triangle saying like “CMD removed failed”. In this case what should I do?

Please let me have the solutions.


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Create a cluster which is on ESXi


Hi Andrew,

I see that you are getting an error when you are creating a cluster on ESXi. Try the following steps:

1. Get a license from vmware to use HA and DRS. You will not need a license to create cluster.

2. After obtaining a license, go to the vcentre to create a new cluster.

3. Then add a cluster to the data centre by right clicking on the data centre and selecting new cluster.

4. After creating the new cluster you can exchange data on the two systems.

If these steps do not help you solve your problem then you can try OpenFiler or FreeNas or StarWin.

Hope this information helps you.

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