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Hello Guys,

How are you guys doing when I attach my USB or try to access any of my hard drive an error window pops up saying

Error! could not open device \\.\Physicaldrive0

I can’t figure out what’s wrong can anyone help?



Could not open device: \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0

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Your system is affected by a Smart HDD virus. That’s why you are facing this kind of problem. If you use any anti-malware then try to scan your system and delete it. If you are unable to delete it then try it again in “safe mode”. If this doesn’t work, boot your system by using Windows installation disc. It would be better if you mentioned what anti-virus you are using on your system. You can try this:

Click the link and download TDSSkiller.

after download extract it and execute “TDSSKiller.exe”.  Start scan and delete the infected file.

If it asks for permission to reboot your system then reboot your system. 

Hope your problem will be solved.