Could Not Access Internet due to Error 718

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I've been trying to access Internet but I keep getting an Error 718. I used Tata Photon Plus when accessing the Internet from my HP Compaq Presario Laptop. I was prompted with options to Redial or Cancel connecting in my Huawei Access Manager. When selecting the Redial, and done with the authentication, I still received the same faulty message. The message seems to be a modem issue that is attempting to authenticate my connection and the server stopped on working. I posted the screenshot of the error below. I hope someone here can help me.

Network Connection Prompt

Error 718: The connection was terminated because the remote computer did not respond in a timely manner.

Redial Cancel

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Could Not Access Internet due to Error 718


Hello Norman! In connection to your issues with your dial up connection with is showing the error message that says "NETWORK CONNECTION REPAIR ERROR" Good thing I have the perfect solution to that. 

Error 718 is a usual net error, just a heads up! This is caused essentially when your pc fails to access the net. This is when the point to point protocol fails to function correctly. PPP holds some defined instructions, this is when several computers get computers get connected by means of a modem or any serial device. When this does not work then you cannot connect to the web.
Error 718 pops up in the succeeding format: " The PC you dial could not set up a dial-up network connection. Please verify your password and try again further". This may be caused by a damage in connectivity, improper functionality of the modem. incorrect log in and so on and so forth/ If you take into account resolving this, you may want to check and confirm that your system is not connected to the web.
The Fix:
Quite a number of people fail to check whether they are connected to the web or not, this may be checked by merely opening browser try to open a website of your choice. Initially, check your log in details then if everything is typed in correctly yet issue still persists try to reinstall your modem(for any help with reinstallation call the manufacturer). Refreshing the drivers and reinstallation of the modem may be a quick fix for this issue/
Secondly, try repairing windows registry to rid of the errors and bugs in it. This can be done by utilizing the registry cleaner tool. This feature can scan your machine and detect any errors in the database. Furthermore, this fixes all these errors and accelerates the speed and performance of your pc.
NOTE: The registry serves as a fundamental element of your pc and it is the central storage to save files and settings that the operating system demands for execution.
Good luck.

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