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Why can't I copy and paste in my Word document? If I accidentally point the mouse on the 'send to' in the drop down message, it hangs. I have to end it up through the Windows Task Manager.

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 Hi Jing,
I wish you could have stated where you specifically copying from. Could it be from the internet, a PDF document or what? Why I am asking this is because some sites have restricted use of their information so you may go to their site, select a document, and copy it but when you paste it is not successful.
It could be also because the document you are trying to copy and paste is huge, so in this case you could give it a little more time for it to carry on with the process. Sometimes you might think it has hang but it is just in the process of pasting your document.
Or maybe the ms word version you are using is slower, and this could be a case with the old versions. In that case you may consider getting a recent version like ms word 2010. It could also be because you have many processes running on your computer hence they are taking up a lot of memory. You can solve that by simply restarting your machine.
Hope this helps.

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First thing is that you can not copy a copyright material and you can only copy it the file is not protected. If you are accessing a file that is protected or is not able to copy publicly then there may be error to copy that specific data.

Such as if you want to copy information form a result card website that shows the result of a person then you may not be able to copy that material because it contains information that is not to be copied.

The second reason for this is that you have some virus in your program and you are trying to copy from a file that is virus infected in this case you need to first remove that virus and then you will be able to solve your problem.

Also if the file is in another language that you are using then it may conation some error to copy. You can see all of these points to make sure that why you are not able to copy the material form a source to your word document.

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Hello Dear,
Thanks that you have shared your problem with us.
Dear it seems that your word is attacked by a virus. Or have corrupted.
So you can repair you word.
To repair it. Kindly put Microsoft Office cd into your CD ROM drive and run setup again.
It will ask you to uninstall previous installation or repair it.
Just click repair here. It will run an installation process.
After this your problem will be resolved.