Coolest Laptop Brands with features

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I am planning to buy a laptop for my business but I don't know  what are the best laptop brands.

Will you please help me in deciding?

Please provide laptop brands/models with there coolest features.

Thank you.

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Coolest Laptop Brands with features


Hello Micca103, thanks for your inquiry  to know the best laptop brand, there many brands that look perfect and cool but before you hunt for the best laptop you want, you need to know the brand that you're buying and also put emphasis on the following, Design, keyboard and touch pad, the technical support offered, displays and Audio, the overall value of the machine, software it carries, customer satisfaction, innovation that includes new technologies.

Apple laptop; this is simply the best laptop brand 2012 why?

Because it is ranked number one and has 88% of the total ranking and also because of its slim study design, backlight keyboard, highly accurate touch pad, long battery life, and strong performance. It has a thunderbolt port faster data transfers. It has the ability to out – innovate the competition. It has the perfect software.


Lenovo Laptop Is the Second in Rank With 84% latest brand on the list of the nine brands that is new and because of excellent in build quality, best in class one of the best laptops on the top list and on the market. It has a sporting soft touch finish and modem, Chiclets styled keyboard. Lenovo has a consistent solid customer technical support such as a virtual agent for common questions. 


The third in the ranking is the HP laptop which gives excellent multimedia performance with its slick design Hp has won quiet a number of models and Editorial choice. This is all due to its powerful but portable to the business class. With its elegant design, bright backlight keyboard.


Micca103 you can chose from these 3 latest laptop brands on the market if you’re looking for a good laptop.

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Coolest Laptop Brands with features


Hello Micca103,

I was also in the same position as yours. The solution you accepted was really very helpful for me also.

Actually I've searched for some days for the best laptops for using in business purpose.

I have also found out the similar result as the solution said, but there are really a variety of results if you search for the ranking of laptop brands. some show on battery life, some show on back up time etc. Whatever if you want to go for coolest one, I also suggest you apple laptop though I'm giving you a ranking of 2012 laptop brands here.

Ratings By Brands


Hope it'll help you.

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Coolest Laptop Brands with features


Hello Micca13,

Your asking about coolest laptop brands.

I recommend you the following laptop brand with equivalent prices:


  • Price: $1,029.00
  • Best feature is the case tends to retain fingers and has a good webcam.

2. Apple Macbook Pro

  • Price:$1,199.00
  • One best feature of this laptop is the computer keyboard has backlight which simply means you can use it after dark.

 3.  Acer Aspire Laptop

Price: $800.00

Quite cheap and has high quality.

Just choose any of the laptops I mentioned above and you will not regret.

I hope I have help you.

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