Converting .trp to PC recognizable format

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Hello friends,

I am using i7 920 system with windows 7 professional 64 bit, 6GB ram and AMD 6870. My problem is that I want to convert a .trp format file into .avi or any other format which my system will recognize. I have never converted a video before so I really need your help.

I recently got a HD satellite receiver whose model number is N 8760B. I don’t know about its brand and I have searched a lot for it but I couldn’t find. Now coming to the point, I recently recorded a program from a subscription based channel on a USB disk. The program was in .trp format which is not recognizable for my system. I searched a lot on the internet for the solution,and the only solution I could find was to rename the file extension to .ts. I did so but it didn’t help me out.

Currently I was using the VLC player. On searching I found a website which advised me to download a couple of softwares and try to demux as it was something that could be played on my system.

The first software I used was project. I downloaded it successfully and compiled it but my system did not recognized the file. I was met with the following error on my screen:

<<< session infos >>>


Thursday, 8 March 2012 10:46:59 AM EST

ProjectX (31.03.2011)


-> working with collection 0


-> save normal log file

-> log 'packets out of sequence' / bit errors

-> log 'missing startcodes'

-> log 'PES header found in ES'

-> log WSS

-> log VPS

-> log RDS

-> log max. 500 warnings/errors

-> write all video data

-> write all other data

-> patch c.d.flagged infos of pictures

-> add sequence end code

-> set resolution in SDE

-> PVA: strictly specs. for audio streams

-> VOB: determine diff. Cell timelines

-> TS: ignore scrambled packets

-> TS: enhanced search for open packets

-> TS: join file segments (of Dreambox®)

-> TS: generate PMT stream dependent

-> get only enclosed PES/TS packets

-> concatenate different recordings

-> ensure 1st PES-packet start with video

-> generate PCR/SCR from PTS

-> write output files to: 'C:UsersRajuDesktop'

-> main I/O-Buffersize in bytes 4096000 bytes



* —

second. Files:

* (0) C:UsersRajuDesktopDATA00.trp

+> Input File 0: 'C:UsersRajuDesktopDATA00.trp' (405,815,296 bytes)

-> Filetype is unknown

!> Filetype not supported !

summary of created media files:

=> 0 bytes written…

-> we have 1 warnings/errors.

Then I tried using TSRemux but I got the following error on my screen. The screenshot of the error is attached below:

TsRemux v.

Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click

Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

Object reference not sent to an instance of an object.

Details Continue Quit

Please guide me how to convert the file to .avi format or any other format that will run on my system.

Looking forward to your response

Kind regards


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Converting .trp to PC recognizable format


Hello Todd,
To help you convert a .trp format file into .avi you will first of all need an application called EasiestSoft Video Converter installed on your computer.
1. Click on Add Files in the menu bar to load the TRP Video files you want to convert.
2. And then click on the Output Format pull down list to choose the format of the video, in this case AVI.
3. After that you will click on the Output Settings button to configure the Output video audio quality, size and other details.
4. Next you will click the Start Button that is at the bottom of the Window to start converting the file.
5. After the process is done, click Open Output button to locate the converted TRP video files on your computer.



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