Free Software to Convert .doc to .PDF

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I want to know how to convert a word document to a pdf file for free. Someone in the office used software to do the conversion but we have to pay to download that software.

I’ve heard that some people are able to convert for free. I am using Word 2007. It will make my job easier if I would be able to find free software to do it because I will be using it all the time. I am excited to know your suggestions. Also, I’m using windows 7 Starter at home and windows xp in the office.

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Free Software to Convert .doc to .PDF


Hi Barbara,

There are so many tools provided by free which able to help you convert Word file into PDF. First of all I would like to give some intermezzo in here. The Word file format is one of the widely used applications for the purpose of editing and preparing a number of documents. All the people with computer literally know how to use it. Some of users know deeply how to drive it but most of it only knows above the water.

It will help user easily and conveniently to create newsletters, pamphlets, business letters, contracts, agreements and much more. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993. The purpose of it is to representing documents in such a manner independent way. Each PDF file will display a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document. All of it including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information.

Why people need to convert data from Word to PDF? It’s just because PDF file is more secure and presents the information in a professional way. You can make use of a variety of tools or computer programs to convert from Word to PDF. Different types of computer programs will offer many different features and method of conversion. There are several types of conversion happen now days, such as:

  • Convert multiple files into a PDF format and this is called batch conversion.
  • User will select any of the pages which he wishes to convert. This type of feature is called partial conversion.

I will provide you other benefit convert Word to PDF:

  1. Compatible Across platforms. Meaning all system able to open it including smart phone.
  2. Compact & Small. It will automatically optimized and making it much smaller in size without losing any quality.
  3. Has capability being created from any source document/application
  4. Securable, avoid people from modifying & redistributing your work. There’s no need to worry regarding piracy of your own creation due to PDF will able to be embedded with signature.
  5. Secure; almost no chance of getting infected with viruses. It’s due to people wont be able modify it.
  6. Easy and quick to create if you know how to use it.
  7. Software to view PDF Files is completely free so once again any one will be able to read it because Adobe also provides system to read it called Acrobat Reader. Even for web browser it’s easy to read it.
  8. PDF Files meet legal document requirements. Any government institution or company will prefer to use this method for business purposes.

These are the two tools that I used for conversion Word to PDF, Cutewriter (application) and Both of it is easy to use tools. Normally the online tool use only to convert small size file only and the application will usable if you are going to convert large amount file. It’s just like you print file but choose CutePDF Writer as the printer. It will show you file in PDF short while.

Best Regards, Brown

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Free Software to Convert .doc to .PDF


Hi Barbara,

Here is a very easy process of doing these. First you have to log in to you Google account. Then go to the navigate section.  Now press into the upload button. Then browse to select your desired file which you need to be converted word to pdf. Then press ok. After that click on ‘upload file’. Now go to FILE > DOWNLOAD FILE AS > PDF.

 Then save the file to a chosen folder. This is the easiest way to convert word to pdf. There is some software. But it is the easiest way.  I think it will help you.

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Free Software to Convert .doc to .PDF


Open the word file that you want convert to pdf. If it is word 2007, Click on Office button and select Print.

In the Print dialog box select the Printer name as Adobe PDF.

By clicking on the Properties button you can open the Adobe PDF Document Properties dialog box and there you can change the paper size, Adobe PDF Conversion settings, Security and many other features for your PDF document.

If you want to add a password to limit changes of the document, copy contents, or print you can add it here.

After pressing OK buttons, to get into the original Print dialog box, click on Print button. Your word document will be converted to a PDF document.

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