Constant Crushing and Freezing Game Guard

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Hi, I am using Game Guard in my windows operating system.

But yesterday when trying to update the software a message flashed in my screen with an ERROR 340.

I retried the process few times, but the problem reappeared.

Do you have any kind of suggestion for the solution of this problem? 



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Constant Crushing and Freezing Game Guard


I have already experienced this problem when I was playing Cabal Online on my computer because it also uses nProtect GameGuard. But the only difference is that I did not receive any error code like this one instead, I receive the complete explanation on the screen about the error.

Error 340 deals with a failed update. Usually when you are playing an online game that has nProtect GameGuard, every time you start the game, it checks itself for new updates and then updates itself automatically before launching the game client.

The updating process doesn’t last long because the files that are being downloaded are only very small and after downloading all the files the update process only lasts for only a few seconds. It is really not time consuming. So, if you experience this type of error in nProtect GameGuard, stop loading the game then check your connection if you have a steady internet connection on your computer.

Try to watch some online videos with your web browser just to see if your connection is stable enough. If there’s no problem with your connection, try restarting your computer then try again. Try also closing some unnecessary applications in your computer that runs in the background.

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