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It's very annoying.

The Connection Is Untrusted

It happens every time I open up my Firefox browser.

How do I fix this, so that I can open websites normally without this certification thing?

This thing is not happening in my IE and Chrome browser.

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When you visit a website in which link begins with https, your own connection using the website is encrypted.

This is to help ensure your own level of privacy.

Before beginning the actual encrypted communication, the site will present Firefox with a "certification”.

The particular certification support is to see whether the site you're going to visit is really the website which it claims to be.

If you have an issue with the document, you will see the actual pop-up:This Connection Is actually Untrusted.

However, if you want to bypass the warning, do the following:

  • Click on warning page
  • Then click I understand the risk
  • Click on ADD EXCEPTION
  • Then click onConfirm Security Exception.