Configuring Two PC with Single Input Device

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I need to run two PC at a time. This is hard to change work space simultaneously.

Is there any chance using single input device (1 Keyboard, 1 Mouse) for Both PCs?

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Configuring Two PC with Single Input Device


Controlling two computers with a single keyboard and mouse can be done in two ways.

Way No 1.


If the two computers are directly connected to the same network, you can use a software application programs to control the two computers with single keyboard and mouse.

There are a lot of software application programs which can be used to set up your two computers with asingle mouse and a keyboard. Most users used the Synergy or Input director software program.

You can download the Synergy software on

You can download the InputDirector software on

Way No 2.

Otherwise, If the two computers aren't connected to a network, you can use a hardware unit that will lets you use a single mouse and a keyboard for both computers.

The most popular hardware unit  that can be used to setup this kind of system is the KVM switch ( keyboard, video, or visual display unit, mouse).








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