Computer Shuts Down And Restarts By Itself

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If you have try to swapped with other power supply then it might be your processor is the problem. Have you try to clean up your fan inside your pc try first to remove it then clean it. If you haven't try yet because dust is sometimes the main reason why our pc get overheated.


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Computer Shuts Down And Restarts By Itself



For resolving this problem you have to follow these steps,

Firstly install a best antivirus and then go to start > right click my computer>click the advanced tab, go down to startup and recovery> uncheck the "automatically restart" box. Your computer is probably experiencing system failure.

It's probably set to automatically restart when this happens. By uncheck this box, you will receive an error message instead of the restart and that message can help you diagnose the source of this problem.

Another reason maybe for restarting of system is your windows has been damaged you only need to reinstall if the above steps can’t afford. Or you can follow the above step after reinstall the windows.

Good luck,

Hope you got the answer.

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