Computer running slow all of a sudden

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Totally like Linux since it doesn't do annoying things like this, nonetheless the Windows desktop still rules supreme in most managed LAN labor environments. I'm running XP with 4G of RAM and a decent CPU, plus everything was fine, until. It wasn't. I've run Spybot, antibug, and watched at price explorer. There is no one offending, palpable procedure process decides to speak at once at random recesses. So I'm wondering if there's a scarcity wizard out there that know what to look at. Could this be a very clever bug? Or could this just be some random application blunder that's instigating bad behavior?

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Computer running slow all of a sudden


You may want to try this with a live Linux USB key or CD. It varies based on the Hw ATTACK controller, but most of the time the physical disks that are part of the ATTACK are visible in Linux (for example with an LSI HW ATTACK controller). Not as block devices (/dev/sda,…), but as generic SCSI devices (/dev/sg0, /dev/sg1). It is possible to run the smartest instrument for those directors.
SMART provides a lot of data, some of which is crap 🙂 but some of which are very useful. In specific, the blunder log:
# smartctl -l blunder /dev/sg0
Every disk with a non-empty blunder log, you should consider replacing. Also, continuously run the short diagnostic tests:
# smartctl -t short /dev/sg0
# [wait 2 minutes]
# smartctl -l selftest /dev/sg0

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