Computer compatibility of Adobe acrobat element routing PDF

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I am a newbie in using the adobe acrobat. My boss gave me the project to present an organizational flowchart of our company’s department and their different functions in an intercompany meeting. I have finished the output and I have used the adobe acrobat element routing pdf process I downloaded from the internet, but what happened was, when I sent the output to him, he wasn’t able to open the file. What could possibly be the problem to this? Would the OS of the computer my boss is using be the problem why he couldn’t open the file? Anyone? 

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Computer compatibility of Adobe acrobat element routing PDF



Hello Avery,

There are different reasons why your boss might be unable to open the pdf file. First, there might not be a PDF Reader installed on his computer. Second, your PDF file is not recognizable. Lastly, the PDF file might have been corrupted.

To check all those, have your boss check the following steps:

1.  Make sure a PDF reader is installed on his computer. If it is, make sure it is working. He can try opening a different PDF file to isolate whether the issue is with the PDF Reader or with your PDF file.

2.  If you sent the PDF in e-mail, the file extension (.pdf) Microsoft Windows uses to identify the file may be stripped. His computer might not be able to open your file in this case. Have him check with Adobe Reader.


The steps above will determine whether it’s an issue with the file you sent or it’s a software problem with your boss’ computer.

If it’s an issue with damaged/corrupt file or if you created the file using a different program than his, you can correct the problem on your end.

If it’s an issue on his end such, he can just update his current version of the software. He can visit to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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Computer compatibility of Adobe acrobat element routing PDF



Most possible reason for the issue is the version conflict of Adobe acrobat reader. If you have installed the Adobe acrobat recently you should have the latest version and your boss might have an older version. Tell your boss to update Adobe acrobat on his computer.

Latest version of the Acrobat reader can be found in below link.

Your boss can update the software by clicking on Check for Updates under Help.

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