Computer stops working after cleaning the CPU

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I work as a volunteer technician, in a small company. My boss told me to clean the computer system because as he checked it, he noticed that parts of the system unit, has a lot of cob webs and needs to be cleaned, to avoid system damage.

What I did was, I disassembled the system unit; I pulled out all the parts of it and cleaned it. After I cleaned it; I assembled all the system unit parts and connected the cables it in their proper connections.

As I start the computer, when I reached the prompted screen of Windows XP, it suddenly shut down. I turned it on again and still it shuts down the computer. Even the power supply shuts down. I checked it again, but I didn’t notice any parts or damaged wire.

I am confused now and starting to worry, because I don’t want my boss say anything bad at me.

What is the problem of the computer?

My idea is that the power supply could be the problem, but I am not confident with my option.

Can anyone help me find the problem?


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Computer stops working after cleaning the CPU


Hello to you!

I was about to leave the site, when I suddenly I noticed your post here and it made me curious and I decided to read it. I think you have a serious problem, as you had mentioned that you are getting worried about your boss.

Well my friend, I can help you with your concern and I do hope this will help you out and solve the problem.

You have a point about the Power supply being the problem, because this device supplies the current flow of power to the system unit. When this device has the defect, the entire system will not be functioning, and obviously it will not turn on the computer. This device also is, one of the minor cause of the computer defect. But it’s not the Power Supply that has the problem, as you mentioned that it turns on the computer but it automatically shuts down. You see, when the Power supply lights are on, it means it is working.

Another factor that affects the computer system is the RAM. When the RAM is not properly placed in the slot, it’ll not well-function the computer. It causes the computer to restart. But I don’t think this is the problem.

The main problem of your computer is the Processor or “CPU”. The CPU of the computer is being overheated; that’s why you encountered shut down. This major device is one of the important parts of the computer system. When this one has the defect, all the parts of the system will not function properly. Now all you have to do is, check it again. Pull out the exhaust fan and after that the processor.

Place the processor again in the CPU slot and make sure it is properly placed in and lock it. Place the exhaust fan properly tightened and lock it. Double check if the screw has the grip and then start your computer again. This time your computer will work properly and take you to the desktop successfully.

Taken, hot CPU needs to be cooled down with the help of the exhaust fan.

I hope this will help your problem solved.

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Computer stops working after cleaning the CPU



Hello Lean Stepfen,
I have been working for 3 years as tech-support and I have already experienced this. There is no need to disassemble the computer, all you need is to place it in the open air space. You need a clean, big paint brush and better you have an air blower, so that the motherboard and other peripherals inside the computer will be cleaned. Do not used shop air compressor because, it carries moisture, that causes a short circuit.
Hope this will help will.

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