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Hi! A client is asking how much bandwidth he needs if he wants to do a daily streaming of a 10 minute TV program. How can I compute the total bandwidth or the transferring of data for 10,000 viewers per day?

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the bandwidth of tv program depend in tv program quality. if its standard definition (the usual cable connection) then it requires 3-4 mbps. but on the other hand if it is HD tv program then it would consume 10-12 mbps at minimum. It all depends all HD resolution and channel frequency.

you need a bandwidth manager for calculating BW or data transfer volume. BW sometimes are dedicated to or shared between users.

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The best bandwidth that the client should have for streaming an online TV program every day, for about one week will be about 100 MB. I am assuming that the client will not be using the bandwidth for streaming the TV program alone, but they will also be using the internet for some other activities and therefore they will need some more bandwidth, even though the TV program alone can only take up to about 50 MB or even less of the bandwidth for a week. So I will suggest that they purchase more than 100 MB bandwidth so that to be sure that it will last them for a week and more.

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