Compiled errors apperead using NetBeans

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Hi Tech savvy,

I am not able to run a program in NetBeans. I get a weird error message saying ‘one or more projects were compiled with errors’. If I hit the ‘Run anyway’ button I get an output else if I hit the ‘cancel’ button I get an error. This error appears every time, I run the program. Friends please suggest me some idea to overcome this error. Your help is great. Thanks.

Run Project

One or more projects were compiled with errors. Application you are running may end unexpectedly.

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Compiled errors apperead using NetBeans



This error means that there is something wrong happened inside your program. Though it was compiled, there is some error present there that might work unexpectedly.

It’d be better if you provided the code you’re using to build the program but first of all, check your code if there is some issue with it.

Another thing might happen if you didn’t declare the classpath. It is very important to run the program perfectly and launch the dependencies on the right time.

Edit “run.xml” file to set the classpath. The file is in this folder: “C:UsersNenad.netbeans7.0varcacheexecutor-snippetsrun.xml”

Then, set dir = “”

The part will look like:

<java classpath="${classpath-translated}" classname="${classname}" dir="" jvm="${}" fork="true">

Now your program will run as it should do.

If you don’t want this messy task, just click “Run anyway”.

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