Compariosn between Java and C++

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Hi all, I have been coding in c++ for two years almost. Recently I started learning java. Still learning the basics. I find that since I have already learnt c++, java isn't that hard to learn. Which among them is a better language in terms of its uses and impact? I know that these days java is used a lot, I guess it is used more than c++ but we see that for all the latest windows OS like windows 7 or even windows 8 c++ and not java is used. Why?

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Compariosn between Java and C++


Hello Christian!

Admirable that you started with C Language. So it’s not going to be hard for you to understand the aspects of computer programming.

Always remember in creating just a simple program you need to make it short, simple, precise and direct to the point.

Your question why C++ used in Windows or other platforms?

C++ is a strong language to coordinate different systems and programs. We can use it better in DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries) creation. We can generate extension file libraries. C++ also has very high speed overhead precision in runtime, meaning it is very fast to execute commands. Small files will be generated in creating .exe file using C. Why C language is used? Because C Language is a “Mid-Level” language. It combines/merges the best part of low-level and high-level languages.

On the other hand Java is one great piece of programming language. They said a language that cannot be hacked because it doesn’t use pointers for memory addressers. I can consider that Java is second in line. We can consider Java as cousin of C Language. Through its history Java’s main structures were derived from C. Java provides great animation capability but quite bigger than C to produce. That is why C is used for OS rather than Java.

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