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I'm planning to buy a laptop or a pc but im not sure what to buy. How do I compare them so that I could end up choosing what is best for me to use.

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Before purchasing a laptop or desktop computer, you must consider the purpose or purposes for which the computer should be utilized.  If you want speed for gaming, video editing, 3d rendering and other applications that are resource heavy, you must opt to choose a desktop computer.  

Generally, if your job requires you to be out of the office most of the time or if you are a student who wants to save your research and other files relative to your studies, then it is high time for you to buy a laptop computer.  However, there are laptop computers available in the market which are designed not only for office tasks or research but also for gaming as well. Unfortunately, the said laptop computers are very expensive.

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Looking at your inputs first of all do you have budget in your mind? If yes how much it is? . Decide which is cheaper and advantageous for you. Secondly, If you are not at all going out for a work then PC is a best choice. But Always consider future as well. Right now you are not going out but during the line of course you may need the PC out if work demands it. Nowadays, people usually use laptops rahther than pc, but it depends in your lifestyle so if you work at home better buy pc rather than laptop. So consider these things and then decide what suites you best ..cost wise as well as looking the future need.