Compare the fingerprint images in VB.Net

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I am using VB. Net as the front end and SQL Server 2000 as the backend of my Fingerprint Recognition System.

I would like to obtain help in comparing the fingerprint image that I have stored in the SQL Server?

How can I do that?

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Compare the fingerprint images in VB.Net


Hi Taylor,

Regarding your queries in Image retrieval from SQL Server, actually it’s quite simple. You just need to input the right code in Binarywrite Response Object. Just follow below steps so you can acquire your image to retrieve.

First, we need SQL Server Code for Image Retrieval. Since you already have the data in the table, just add some statement that automatically retrieves all rows from your given table which is person image as your objective. 

Please follow the code attached here. It executes a SQL statement and loop through all the account. It displays the Image from the table, Person. Automatically the code writes the image to the browser using the BinaryWrite Method.

Second, BinaryWrite Method. It writes particular information to the existing HTTP output without any character conversion. It is functional for retrieving non-string information, such as binary data necessary by custom applications. Please see image below.

Syntax: ASP Response Object BinaryWrite Method

   Response.BinaryWrite data

Parameters: ASP Response Onject BinaryWrite Method


The binary information to be sent.

Examples: ASP Response Object BinaryWrite Method

If you got an object that makes an array of bytes, you can send the outcome using the BinaryWrite:


     Set bg = Server.CreateObject (MY.BinaryGenerator)

     Pict = bg.MakePicture

     Response.BinaryWrite Pict


This just concludes how to retrieve images from a SQL server. Hope it helps.


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