Coloring MSExcel cells automatically based on the value entered

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My requirement is to add colours to the cells in Microsoft office excel, 2007 version, depending on the data entered by the user. I was asked by my colleague to get software for his calculations where after verifying several parameters he comes to a conclusion. Now he needs to evaluate using calculators but takes more time. I know the capabilities of Microsoft office are huge. Can anybody show some sample code or do it yourself pictures on how to change color of a cell based on values present in other cells but in the same page.

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Coloring MSExcel cells automatically based on the value entered


1. It can be done by conditional formatting.

2. Excels conditional formatting command can change background color for specific cells based on their values.

3. Go to Home > conditional formatting.

4. Select New Rule.

5. In the New Formatting Rule dialog box, select and highlight the Format only cells that contains item in the Select a Rule Type: box.

6. In the Format Only Cells with section, specify the conditions that you need.

7. In the first drop down box, select the Cell Value;

8. In the second drop down box, select the between;

9. In the third and fourth box, enter the filter conditions, such as 80, 100.

10. Click the Format button.

11. In the Format Cells dialog box, set the background color under Fill tab.

12. Click OK button to save the settings. Then the specific cells with value between 80 and 100 are filled with the new background color in the selection.

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