Code composer studio v5 setup

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Hello all

I have been using Codewarrior v10.2 for a coldfire-based project,and it was running smoothly.

Yesterday I was trying to install CCS V5 to use with MSP430 for another project, but it failed. I tried to delete it, but it demanded me to uninstall the eclipse that is not at all feasible for me as it will also ruin code warrior.

The error that I get is as follows:

Code composer studio v5 setup Application error

The message states:

Code composer studio v5 setup

Application error

Error: error in action ExecuteAction

Error in action Execute Script

Couldn’t open “C:ti/ccsv5/ecl…

Has anyone else encountered such a problem before? If yes, please do let me know what should be done to resolve the issue?

Your help is required please.

Thanking you loads.

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Code composer studio v5 setup


Hello Juanmwarner,

During installation of Code Composer Studio v5, a file, ccs_config.xml is posing problems. The file is probably damaged or has been tampered with by a virus.

1. Update your antivirus software and scan your pc for any virus.

2. You can download code composer studio from another source and install it

You can read this e-book to know more about code composer:

I hope this solves the problem.


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Code composer studio v5 setup


As seen in your screenshot, the uninstall application wasn't able to locate "c:ti/ccsv5/eclipse/ccs_config.xml", and there's an actual error with the directory the uninstall application is trying to locate. Try first to locate the file in the directory specified, and if unable to locate the file, proceed to uninstall eclipse. Eclipse is a freeware and you wouldn't have a problem as it doesn't need to be installed on your system. If everything else fails, try deleting the whole folder manually then use a registry cleaner. Another option would be restoring your system to an earlier date or the date before you have installed the software, then manually deleting the Code Composer Studio folder.

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Code composer studio v5 setup



This is a common problem. You can remove this problem from your computer by using some software which process is very easy. To get those software and more information go this Techyv page.

Un-installation error of Code composer Studio

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