Cloud computing,grid and distributed computing information

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I am totally confused between the grid, cloud and distributed computing . All over the Internet, the definitions are more or less the same . Please give me a simple explanation of the above three conditions, so that these differences there are , to my advice. Please explain with an example.

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Cloud computing,grid and distributed computing information

There are following difference between Cloud, Cluster and Grid computing:
The cloud computing  system is the demand has driven computing system, Distributed Computing is a group of independent computing system and grid  computing system is pre reserved computing system.
Cloud computing is a new computing system, Grid computing system is former computing system.
Distributed Computing are managing thousand of computer systems and its have more powerful in memory and processing. But in grid computing have limited but its have some extra characteristics
and cloud computing is actual needs and its support to the rapid elasticity. But not support or provide that facility. Distributed computing is used for efficient utilization rather then grid computing system.
In the distributed computing used resource are as server, Networks, Storage, and Information to creating of large computing source.

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