Clear recent docs every now and then

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I was looking to clear the recent history every time my computer boots up.

How can i do that?

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Clear recent docs every now and then


It is necessary sometimes for certain people to clear their recent documents history every now and then ,so that unauthorized will not be able to see their activity on their computer. Removing the recent documents history is really tiresome for us if we try removing manually every time the computer boots or on several occasion.

There is also a probability of forgetting. So, we can solve this problem by following the given steps.

At first go to the Run dialog box and write regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER


After going there create DWORD as ClearRecentDocsOnExit in above location and keep the value to 1.

Now,whenever you restart your computer,the computer will clear the recent document history itself.




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Clear recent docs every now and then


I don’t normally check the items listed and added under My Recent Documents.

I know the items listed in this section appear every time you open a file on your computer. This includes playing any kinds of videos, viewing or opening a photo or a simple image, opening and or editing a text file, a document, an excel file, and more. You can always choose whether to display or not the My Recent Documents item.

You can display or hide the My Recent Documents item. To do this:

  • Right-click Start then select Properties.
  • Under Start Menu tab, click Customize.
  • Select Advanced tab.
  • At the bottom of the dialog box you will see the checkbox “List my most recently opened documents” and then opposite to it is the Clear List button. Check or uncheck the checkbox to display or hide My Recent Documents in the Start menu.

Doing this or hiding the My Recent Documents item from the Start menu doesn’t clear the recent documents history. To clear its contents, repeat the steps above then click on the Clear List button. This only clears the list and doesn’t permanently delete the files. This is the manual approach in clearing the recent documents history.

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