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Hey guys I just have got this term on a blog but want got enough clarification about it. Really what is Classic Pong sound?

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Dear Corey,

It is the all famous 8-bit sound of the game Pong.

You can never forget it (if you were a kid when the game came out).

You can download the sounds here as samples:

It is a classic game. Here is also a video to a modern day review of the classic game.


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The classic Pong sound originally comes with the very first ping Pong game created by Atari in 1972 known as Pong. It quickly became successful and led to the birth of video games. The Pong sound has a realistic sound effects and a roaring crowd, which either yells “boo” or “hiss” when the player loses the game. The sound is a monaural type, which also means monophonic. Below is an image of the original Pong game.

You can also hear the classic Pong sound from the website.

Luker Malcom