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How can I check my network's bandwidth and download capacity (meaning how much files can I download/ upload to and from online resources every month)?

How can I view it from my screen?

I cannot seem to find it anywhere in my computer.

I am using DSL (digital subscriber line) in connecting to the internet.

Please help.

Thank you.

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Dear Friend

  • Through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) account you can able to check how much upload and download done by you.
  • For this your ISP provides you a username and password and website link using this information you can check upload and download information.
  • If above information is not provided you can ask for it from your ISP.
  • To know bandwidth of your connection you can use Google and type speed test and many site will come up which will allow you to check your bandwidth. If your ISP provides speed test option on their website then you can check from there also.
  • To view this detail from your desktop you can download bandwidth monitor application from internet or from your ISP website if it provides this feature.