Change Proxy Setting in Chrome ?

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I am new in using Google Chrome. Accidentally my younger brother had changed the proxy of Google Chrome.

Now he is not here to change it back.

I had searched all the Options but couldn’t find any solution.

Please can anyone help me on this issue?

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Change Proxy Setting in Chrome ?


Changing proxy settings in Google Chrome can be done in the following:

1. Click the wrench bar in Google Chrome.

2. Go to options.

3. Select the "Under the hood" tab.

4. Go to Network settings and the Change proxy settings. You will now be able to change the proxy settings in Google Chrome. Through a web proxy, your pages will slow down.

It will take time to reach you. So, I suggest you disable  the proxy. To do that, you need to :

1. Go to "Change proxy settings".

2. Click "LAN settings" and  deselect "Automatically detect settings" checkbox.


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Change Proxy Setting in Chrome ?



In Google Chrome, there are no proxy settings. By default, Google Chrome uses proxy settings from Windows Internet Explorer. So there’s no need to look for  proxy settings in Google Chrome.

You can easily set proxy in the Internet Explorer.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Open Internet Explorer and click Tools Menu from menu bar
  • Click Internet options from the bottom of the sub menu.
  • Then click Connections
  • Click LAN settings. New window will come out.
  • Then check the radio button as shown on the picture, and put your proxy and port as well.


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Change Proxy Setting in Chrome ?



Are you having problem with the connection of your Google Chrome because your brother had changed the setting?

Ok, just follow these steps and check if all of these settings are correct:

1. Open your Google Chrome

2. On the  upper side of the window, click the wrench icon.

3. After clicking, a drop down menu will appear

4. Find the "OPTION"

5. You can see three options in the left side of the monitor.

6. Highlight the third option,”HOOD’, then "PRIVACY",

7. If the option, PREDICT THE NETWORK is checked, uncheck it.

8. In the "NETWORK", click "CHANGE SETTING PROXY", then internet properties box will appear.

9. In the internet properties box, click  "LAN SETTINGS", then uncheck the "automatically detect settings."

If it's still doesn't work, do the reverse.

Hope this will help you. 

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Change Proxy Setting in Chrome ?


There are three ways but two are mentioned here:

 One way is from Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Select setting from top right corner .

3. Then select internet option's.

4. Select connection from sub menus.

5. Click on LAN setting button .

6. Now, dialog box would appear. Click on "use a proxy server for your LAN".  Click checkbox

7. Write your setting like " " and port no. 8080.

8. Press ok button and apply a setting 

9. Close the browser and restart it.

10. You can also follow these screenshots:


Click on connection and LAN setting

Then, it will appear as shown:

Now, write your proxy setting and press OK.

Second Way:

1.  From Google Chrome, click on SETTING button found on the top right

2. Then click OPTION (5th from last). 

3. Click on UNDER THE HOOD as shown in figure.


5. Do the same for Internet Explorer

Some screenshots are also attached:

If it takes you to Internet option, follow step 5 of IE setting.

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Change Proxy Setting in Chrome ?


Hi guys,

Thanks for the help.

I did manage to retrieve my proxy settings. I followed the steps you gave me.

Thanks again.

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