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I get a warning when attempting to download using Software Update, what should I do?

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In your case, it is very common. When you are downloading a new application and you're going to install it, a warning message will pop-up saying "this program is downloaded from untrusted site, are you sure do you want to install this program?" then you probably click the Yes button so that you can start on installing it.

If you have internet connection, there are times that when you open your application, a message will pop-up to your screen saying that "do you want to install new updates?" Here's the tip. Installing updates to your software can be helpful to make it more faster and gaining new features. But everything that it's all up to you, you can configure the settings. For example, you want to download and install new updates every one week, every six months or a year. Please make sure that your anti-virus and malware is active so that you can avoid harmful viruses like Trojan horse.


  • know what you're installing.
  • Please read what you're clicking.
  • Keep your computer updated.

I hope this was helped on resolving your issues.

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It really depends on the website where you will be downloading the software from. But I’m quite confused as to the “Software Update” you are saying. I’m not sure whether you are using a third-party program to update the applications on your computer or you are updating the software using the software’s update button.

If you are updating the software using its own update feature then you can rest assure that the update files that are going to be downloaded are safe since the program is already installed on your computer. But if you are using a third party application to update the programs on your machine when the alert came up then it is probably not safe to continue. To fix this problem, try updating the software by going to their respective official websites then see if there is an available update for your version. These alerts or warnings appear for reason and should not be neglected.

Sharath Reddy