Categories and types of softwares

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Hello! As we all know there are different kind of soft wares available in market for different purposes, I want to know real life examples of the following types of soft wares:

1) Names of Application Soft wares

2) Names of Embedded Soft wares

3) Names of Artificial Intelligence Soft wares

4) Names of Product line Soft wares

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Categories and types of softwares


1. Application software:

It consists of one or more programs written to perform desired operations in a specific application Types of Application Software:

Word Processing Software: One can create and edit a document.

Example: MS Word, Word Pad etc.

Spreadsheet Software: User can create a document and perform various calculations. Example: Excel, Lotus1-2-3 etc.

Database Software: User can store and retrieve data. Example: MS Access, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Presentation Graphic Software: Visual Presentations can be created using this software. Example: MS PowerPoint

Multimedia Software: Different types of media can be created like audio, image, video, etc. Example: Media Player, Real Player etc.

2. Embedded software:

Embedded software is written to control machines which are not considered to be computers.

It is built in hardware to perform various functions and has time and memory constraints. Any technology that has embedded software in it is controlled by machine interface.

There aren’t any types of embedded software, but are used to create different technologies for different purposes like cars, digital clocks, cell phones, calculators etc.

3. Artificial Intelligence Software:

The aim of developing Artificial intelligence software is to create intelligence within the system, which includes environment sensors, takes actions accordingly and maximizes the chances of success.

Artificial Intelligence software includes robotics, robots that senses the environment and act accordingly, voice-recognition systems, systems that decipher user voice and accept the commands from the user and act in that pattern, and many smart computer systems.

4. Product line software:

Similar products are designed, developed, and delivered with varied functions and features.

These are used to improve productivity and efficiency and reduce the development cost.

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