CaseWare Template Packager – Files write error

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Sometimes when I try to start my caseware packager I get this error and then it stops working.

Can anyone tell how to resolve this issue.

Thank you.

CaseWare Template Packager

Files write error. You may not have sufficient permissions to write to the destination folder, or the current file already exists, but cannot be overwritten.

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CaseWare Template Packager – Files write error


This happens if any parts or components of the CaseWare Packager (which it is trying to install) are open. You can fix these problems by:

1.   Checking if Working Papers program is installed in your computer.

2.   Make sure that your version of CaseWare is updated. If not, update it.

3.   Check if any components of Packager are open. Open the Windows Task Manager (Processes tab) by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Look for cwpackager.exe. If you see it, click it then click on End Process

4.   Check if everything that is connected with CaseWare Working Papers is closed. If they are open (e.g. pictures or folders), close them.


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