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Hi experts!

Can anyone give me a detailed explanation of ClientTrack's new software that was recently released and provide information on what purpose it is going to be used for and its functions and specialties?

Thanks for any logical and satisfying answer.

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Versions of Client Track

Client Track software is mainly designed to meet the unique needs of Accounting Professionals.

There are few versions of this Software.

  • Small Business Edition
  • Time and Billing Edition
  • Workflow Edition
  • Integration Edition

The latest version is Integration Edition. It is cost effective than Workflow edition but expensive than others.

New Features of Integration Edition

  • It has all the features that belongs to Small Business Edition and Time and Billing edition
  • Other than that it has “Integration with QuickBooks” feature. It can be use to Client Track application with Quick Book   and work.
  • It also has “Integration with Simply Accounting” feature.

Go to their site and learn more about the features.