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Why can I successfully login to your website even though I can see my name on online users? Is there anything that I would have to do so I can login successfully. I want to join your blogs and questions.


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To login successfully to the site I believe you first have to create an account/register. You can do this by going to sign up, in the site's top menu. To register for an account, you will just provide some few details which include what you want to be your username and password, and also your email address. Once you have an account you can log in any time and you will be able to post questions or provide solutions to the questions that have been posted.

You can also give suggestions on how to improve the site, some tips on how to deal with certain problems, post articles in a blog that you are allocated once you create your account and enjoy being a member of this wonderful site.



Lee Hung.

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Why can't you access this website? I can try to help you because I've had problems like you and this helped me. If you're sure you've registered,  you should could try to delete cookies from you web browser. Here is the example of how to do that on Google Chrome:

Go to the wrench key, and then click on Options:

Then click on: Under the hood and choose the option Clear browsing data:

Restart your browser and it should be ok.

If you're using Internet Explorer, then try this solution:

Click on Tools, then select Internet options:

On the tab General, go to Browsing history and Delete:

That should work. Basically it's the same principle for Opera and Firefox. Have fun posting here!