Cannot read files in Magix Music Maker

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I have been using Magix Music Maker for a while now, and this is the first time that I've encountered an error that I cannot solve. Whenever I launch the application, I move to the location of the files that I've stored in the Magix Director, along with some other music and sound files through File Manager, and the files seem to be accessible.

However, when I try to play them, I get the following error: The file format of <File name and dir> cannot be read by MAGIX Music Maker. Please ensure that the affected drive is not full or write protected. If you do not have read or write access to this path, please contact the administrator.” I've checked the drive where the files are located, and the disk is neither full nor write protected. Not even the 'My Documents' area (where I save my files) is write protected. It's strange enough that my computer bothers with write protection when it cannot even read the files. In addition to that, I am the 'administrator' of my own computer.

I have not had any issues with other programs in processes such as this one. The files can be played in other programs with just one click,  but these same files, which are also supposed to be compatible with Magix Music Maker, can show up in the bar but cannot play.

Even if I select one file directly from the list, it still gets the same error. This sets aside the file from being the issue or the program not being able to read it. Could it be the software?

I am using Windows 7.

Thanks for helping me out!

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Cannot read files in Magix Music Maker


1. First to move folder "program x86" any other folder

   And now i can use the soundpool instrument.
2.Convert mp3 file format to .wav file format (use any converter software)
3. Disable windows 7 User Account Control (UAC)
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Cannot read files in Magix Music Maker


Have you tried running the program as administrator?

You also need to confirm if there is a background scanning Software that may be barred it from accessing the given files or folders. You could also copy the files to another location where you have read and write access. Other than that you could try the following:

1. Rescan the sound pools folder

2. Try moving the sound pools folder higher in the windows folder structure and then rescan the sound pools folder again.

3. Try renaming the .ogg file that it says it can’t find, and take out all the spaces in the file name. Be sure to make a back-up first.

Hope this helps.

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Cannot read files in Magix Music Maker



Go to the program files where “Magix” is located or saved. Delete all files in connection to Magix or just simply uninstall the program or remove magix using the add/remove programs in the control panel. A prompt will appear asking you to restart your computer, just click “yes” in order for the current settings to take effect.

After the computer has restarted, you may temporarily disable the firewall and antivirus. Then reinstall Magix or just do the usual downloading of Magix and install the program. After installing Magix, activate the product. Connect to the link of sound pool or existing link of your choice.

Download the packet or selected data and save it before operating with the program.

Then install the data or packet before starting or running Magix.

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Cannot read files in Magix Music Maker


Hi experts,

Thanks for the advices. 

I was able to solve my problem thanks to you.

Its such a big help. 

Thanks again.

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