Cannot access email based sites.

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I want to check my hotmail account. But my computer does not allow me to access to any website based on email. Should I try Lotus notes?

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Cannot access email based sites.


Hi Daniel! If your computer does not allow you to access any website based on email then your MTU or Maximum Transfer Unit is incorrect. To find the correct MTU for your configuration, you must run a simple DOS (Disk Operating System) Ping Test. A Ping Test is a tool which tests the speed and the performance of your internet connections. It also measures the delay with online gaming or other internet servers.

You can check out a free Ping Test on the net  for your own network troubleshooting. The instructions are very simple and is easy to follow.

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Cannot access email based sites.


That is not possible. If you cannot access any webmail sites on your computer, you also shouldn’t be able to access any ordinary websites not just webmail sites. This means you totally cannot access the internet. First, verify that you have internet connection. Open your web browser and visit some websites.

If you cannot access via Microsoft Internet Explorer, try using a different web browser like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. If other web browsers can access the internet, there must be something wrong with your Microsoft Internet Explorer. Use your other browsers to access the internet and access your hotmail account.

If you notice that there is 1 browser that can’t access the hotmail website, check the settings of the browser and make sure the website is not filtered and blocked. If a web browser filters and or blocks a website, you will not be able to access the site unless it is unblocked from the browser.

If you really cannot access the internet, check the internet cable at the back of your CPU. Disconnect the cable from the port then connect it back to the network port and then try the internet again. If the problem continues, contact your Internet Service Provider.

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