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Can viewers subscribe to my blog via Email?

I'm sorry if this question is too noobish. I wonder if viewers from my blog can subscribe using their emails. Is this possible? I need answers from the experts. Thanks. 

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Hi friend,

I think this is not possible for just a simple blog. If you are using a free single blog then I am afraid that it is not possible to make a option for viewers from your blog can subscribe using their emails.

But if you are using a group of blog page which is made with WordPress then it is possible to add this option of viewers from your blog can subscribe using their emails. WordPress support this option. So if you are using simple blog then convert it to WordPress blog. After that go to this website and follow instruction for creating this option.

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Yes, there is a way to let your viewers subscribed to your blog. Most blogs or not all blog websites have this feature. It has this feature that allows followers to subscribed by the use of their email address. This activates the feature and will send data or an updated activity that you have made in your blog.

Once you create a blog on a free base website, it has this feature or icon to subscribe to the blogger. You'll get a message once the blogger update their sites. You can also deactivate if you wanted to not follow the blogger anymore.

To subscribed, you'll need to enter an email address and this generates activation to the blogger. You will then receive an email that you have subscribed.

Sharath Reddy