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Hi guys,

I was using Picasa for a while on my PC. I used to see all my pictures on it. But now I am getting problems to open the Picasa, not even I can install the program. An error message appeared in the screen like: "Picasa cannot close Picasa. Make sure all users have closed the program”. But there are no other users. All I want to be able to install Picasa 3 and collect my pictures. I need your help.

Thank you in advance.

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The reason can be that you have a corrupted picasa version already on your computer.
Try this:
Uninstall the picasa version you have on your system, You can do it this way:

Goto Start > control panel > Add/ remove programs . Select Picasa from here and uninstall it.

Now download the latest picasa version and install the same.

After uninstalling the existing one, install the new picasa version as administrator ( Try and download the proper and latest picasa version. Try some other browser this time around ).
To do this right click on it and select "Run as administrator". With administrator permission, you should be able to install picasa and use it without any issue.

Hope this helps