Can Someone Tell Me What Notepad++ is

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   I use Eclipse IDE for creating and running programs mainly with the following programming languages: C#, C++, Java and Python. I am now hearing of programmers using Notepad++. I just need some clarification. Is Notepad++ a text editor just like regular Notepad or is it a new IDE that I can use like Eclipse?  Please advise.



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Can Someone Tell Me What Notepad++ is


Notepad++ is a text editor that helps and make easier to edit code.It is free and open source software.It has customizable color coding for many Programming Language.It is a useful editor for programmers, developers and designers. Eclipse cannot install easily and at the beginner level you may face some difficulties in using it. But Notepad++ is simple.

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Can Someone Tell Me What Notepad++ is


Notepad++ is a text editor and a source code editor as well designed for Microsoft Windows. It supports tabbed editing which allows users to work on multiple files in a single window different from Microsoft Notepad that doesn’t support tabbed editing and can open a single file only. Its name originated from the C increment operator and is distributed as free software or freeware.

The project or Notepad++ was originally hosted on where it was downloaded more than 28 million times and has won the SourceForge Community Choice Award for Best Developer Tool for two times. From 2010 up to 2015, the project was hosted on TuxFamily then from 2015 onwards it has been hosted on GitHub. Notepad++ utilizes the Scintilla editor component.

Notepad++ was developed in September 2003 by Don Ho. He used JEXT, which is a Java-based text editor, back at his company but is not satisfied because of its poor performance. Because of that, he began developing a text editor using C++ with Scintilla. Its development was done only during his spare time because the project was rejected by his company.

Notepad++ can be used on the following programming languages:

  • * Ada, ASP, Assembly, AutoIt
  • * Batch
  • * C, C++, C#, Caml, Cmake, COBOL, CoffeeScript, CSS
  • * D, Diff
  • * Flash ActionScript, Fortran
  • * Gui4CLI
  • * Haskell, HTML
  • * INNO
  • * Java, JavaScript, JSP
  • * KiXtart
  • * LISP, Lua
  • * Makefile, Matlab, MS-DOS, INI file
  • * NSIS, Normal Text File
  • * Objective-C
  • * Pascal, Perl, PHP, PostScript, PowerShell, Properties, Python
  • * R, Resource file, Ruby
  • * Shell, Scheme, Smalltalk, SQL
  • * TCL, TeX
  • * Visual Basic, VHDL, Verilog
  • * XML
  • * YAML

You can download it from Notepad++ Home.

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