Could not install Java software.

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I'd like to create software using Java because I have knowledge of it and because it is useful.

However, I am having difficulty installing Java.

Can you help?

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Could not install Java software.


There are 3 ways to install the java software. First you have to download and install it. In order for you to do that you have to choose on how you wish to download it, offline download and online download. In online download you need to go to the manual download page and click on windows online.

A box of download file will appear, click RUN to run the installer. Click SAVE to save the files. Choose a location of the folder much better in your desktop to see it faster. Double click so that the installation will now start. When you see the license terms and agreements click to install. Make sure that the desired program is selected then click NEXT.

A box will appear again, click CLOSE. The java installation process is now complete. Try re-starting your browser to check if the java application has been installed.

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Could not install Java software.


Hi Khaled_mithun,

Install java in few simple steps as under.

1. Get setup source by buying cd or from your system specification according to version)

2. Run setup and install java in drive C: (if you will to install in some other drive environment variable could create problems at some stages)

3. Set path “My Computer -> Properties-> Advanced-> Environment Variables-> System variables” and click 'Edit'

4. Select path ‘variable name =path” and “variable value=c:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_01bin click ok

5. Now select JAVA_HOME and give “variable value= C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_01 click ok and exit.

Note that give exact version name you have installed instead of “jdk1.6.0_01”.

Restart system and start your work man.

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