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I want to use an external hard drive as my internal hard drive is full in space but I am not sure that I will be able to use it.

Please tell me if it is possible and of which company should I use the new external hard drive.

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Here are steps on how to make your external drive as internal drive.

1. Take out the hard drive from the CPU case. This will mean you will need to remove screws from the external case, take out the hard drive and unscrew it from the inner side of the external case. Ensure that you will not break the external case for future use.

2. Turn your computer off and remove the power cord and the side of the case. Search for the hard drive cable connected to motherboard. Attach the cable to your hard drive and search for another hard drive power cable and connect it to the hard drive also.

3. See if there is still a available free slot for the hard drive on your computer and insert it. Screw it all to put it in place. If it doesn't have any screws, you can use the four screws from your hard drive on the external case.

4. Close the CPU case and plug it on. Turn the computer on and wait for the computer to boot. You will be prompted for a new hard drive attached and will search for the driver and install it. After the installation, you can now use the hard drive to store files on your computer.

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Hey Benjamin Morgan!

Yes! You can use external hard drive if you found your internal hard drive with low disk space. You must have USB port in your CPU or Laptop. The external hard drive connects with the USB port. These external hard drives have much space, like a normal external hard drive have 500 GB space. You can even use 1TB external hard drive. That’s all depend on your needs that how you use your computer. For example if you are a game user then you must buy the external hard drive with more capacity because normally the size of one game is up to 25 GB.

On the other hand the best external hard drive in my opinion is "My Passport Essential". However, Seagate, Samsung and Plextor are also some good companies.


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