Can I run one virtual box on win 7 inside another OS?

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I want to start OS development as soon as possible. So I work out on different tutorials like Cygwin but more easier to follow on *nix machines. My question is that is it possible to run virtualbox on windows7 with Linux guest and inside that Linux machine runs Bochs? Have you any idea about this?

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Can I run one virtual box on win 7 inside another OS?



The process you’re trying to implement isn’t recommended. It’s highly recommended to use only one virtualization at the same time.

If you use virtualization, the guest is hosted on the current OS. It can’t run natively as it’s virtualized. But virtualization works best with the native OS. If you’re using “bochs” inside Unix system that’s virtualized on Windows, it’ll go even rougher. Your system might crash or malfunction during the process.

If you’re interested, you should continue at your own risk.

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