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Author: Kyle Berry
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Hello experts,

Can I possibly send gifs via SMS? What software of a mobile phone nowadays that is capable of receiving some gifs via SMS? I am curious on the process and the data structure of the gif when it reaches the mobile phone. Give me some advice.

Thank you.

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You can send gif images by MMS not by the SMS these two have different meanings and you need to understand it. You can send pictures through MMS only. To send a MMS you need to download file to the mobile then attach it in MMS and you can send it to your desired number or email.

Smith Thompson.

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You can send gif message through post mood. Here is step for you:

  1. Tap your profile page.
  2. Tap the Gallery.
  3. Now tap which GIF you wan to share.
  4. Tap SMS.
  5. Past you GIF into the messaging slot.
  6. Now tap send.

I think it will be helpful for you. If you face any problem, please ask your question. 

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Hi Kyle,

I've researched your concern and so far sending a .gif file through SMS is not yet possible. TelCos allow transfer of images via MMS but not through SMS. However, you can still transfer a .gif file to a mobile if it is a Verizon Mobile Phone. Here's how:

1. Save your .gif file on your computer.

2. Load your email service and compose a new mail, attaching the .gif file to it.

3. On the receiver field, type in the cellphone text email address. For a Verizon phone, the text email address will be "" (without the quotation) Just replace the number with the 10-digit mobile number.

4. Upload the file and send it through. It might take a few minutes to completely send the file.

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Dear Kyle Berry,

iMessage supports animated gif file. You can send gif image via iMessage. It is very simple, just copy and paste them into a message.

Hope this will help you.

Thank you.

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Hello Kyle Berry,
Just go to your messages.
Create a new message.
Press attach/ attach files.
Then choose what file.
Then send. Thats all..
Hope this helped you!