Can i ask what is the new version

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Hi good day can i ask what is the latest processor.?

Can you give me a little overview about it?

Thanks Rhauw

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Can i ask what is the new version



There are different types of Intel processor. I researched much time on Internet and found that 'Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition Processor' is the newest version. This processor has the core frequency of 3.33 GHz and QPI link frequency is 6.4 GT/sec.

It has 4 CPU core and 25X clock multiplier.

Max processor input voltage (VID) is 1.160V and  Intel Turbo Boost (Over clocking) is enabled. It has L2 and L3 cache memory of 1 MB and 8 MB respectively. Here Virtualization Technology and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology are enabled.

Also this processor has total die size of 263mm2 and manufacturing process is 45nm.

Hope this helps.

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Can i ask what is the new version


There are two companies that make the most popular, and best selling processors. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is a California based semiconductor company that has been in business since 1969. They are the second largest microprocessor supplier in the world.

The newest CPU from AMD is the FX series. These processors are the first ever to be available with up to 8 cores. With features such as extreme multi-tasking performance, and the option to overclock built in, they are a very impressive competitor.


The best selling and most popular processors are made by Intel. Also based in California, Intel created the first commercial microprocessor in 1971. Their newest CPU is the Core i series. Although the Intel chips have a maximum of 6 cores, the technology behind them outperforms comparative AMD products in most tests. The Intel Core series boasts extreme speed, better visuals, and great gaming graphics. Hyper-threading technology allows for intense multi-tasking abilities.


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