Cables External hard disks disconnected during defrag

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External hard disk has become a mandatory requirement today, Because the capacity of my hard disk is already full, then, I tried to defrag my external hard disk. But after I de-fragmented the hard disk's external cable, the cable had ripped its own damaged and broken connections.

My question is, is it common to have a missing data after the incident? Since a lot of data were inside the disk, I need to recover those data.

What do you think will help me solve this problem?

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Cables External hard disks disconnected during defrag


Hello Ruth C,

I totally understand the dilemma you are facing right now regarding the recovery of your lost files from your damaged external drive. I would like to provide you with proven solutions that I utilized when I encountered a problem with damaged hard drives for recovery. I could not, however, guarantee that all the files lost can be recovered successfully since these solutions I offered are user-based and will not entail an outrageous fee. Also, I know that you are not prepared to pay if you will submit the external hard drive to professional data recovery companies.

Hopefully, I have provided you with the proper information before proceeding and indulging into the solutions I have prepared for you. I have also included some reading materials from the website for you to read and get a better understanding on how your data was lost . This will help you a lot so that you will be more prepared for it in the future.

Please feel free to reply to other questions you may have with regards to your ongoing data loss issue.

Solution 1. User-friendly application
Knowledge Database articles:
Solution 2. Professional applications

Url: More info Hiren's BootCD 15.2

Note: The applications I provided are free and available on the internet.

I do not advertise them for commercial purposes.

Good Luck!


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Cables External hard disks disconnected during defrag


It’s actually a great and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us.

Thanks for the link TechDaddy.

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