Burn a cd/dvd from a dvr recording

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My friend has my favorite show on a DVR and I would like to get it. Is there a way to transfer or copy that show from the DVR to a CD or DVD? Is this possible? Any suggestions are also welcome.

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Burn a cd/dvd from a dvr recording


Hi Rodney,
The steps to burn a DVD from a DVR recording are as follows:
1) Record your show with your DVR
2) Turn on the TV and DVD player
3) Connect the S-video cable from the DVR to DVD player
4) Change the DVD player input settings to L1
5) Change the TV input to match the DVD player settings
6) Ensure that all the cables are connected correctly to the device
7) Insert a DVD+R/RW disc into the DVD player
8) Press the Record button on the DVR player to burn it to the DVD
9) Remove the DVD from the player after the process is completed

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Burn a cd/dvd from a dvr recording


Yes, it is possible and easy to do it but would the time required to get it off the DVR depends on the length of source video. Transferring it to CD/DVD prevents the hard drive of DVR from filling up.

You need a DVD Recorder or a digital DVR (ie TiVo), Audio/Video Cables, DVR Media with the right format and a TV hooked up to the DVD Recorder for the recording’s monitoring. A built-in DVR is quite expensive

yet a right choice if you don’t want the hassle of hooking it up on an extra A/V device

Make sure your DVR supports your DVD format. When using a cable, use the one with the highest quality which the DVR recognizes through its DVR output.

Inputs used should be firewire connections is set at L1 while for analog inputs are set at L2.

When recording, speed should be set at 1-2 hour mode. 4-6 hour modes are usually used recordings you don’t want to keep long.


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