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This is a good site. It needs some change or updates:

1. When a user come here he/she could not found question in categories is not an  acceptable one.

2. You should check questions. I have found some of questions are junk.It has no value. You should use a moderator for submitting question and answer.

Overall this is a great forum.

In future it will become good one.

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Thanks for the question

We do have a new functionality added in No comments, Answers not accepted and Accepted pages. This would help to search within those categories as well as a filter feature that a particular expertise member can filter and search to answer or learn

About your 2nd query.

yes we do have 12 dedicated moderators round the clock. Available to support.

We cannot restrict junk questions or answers but we make sure we review them and delete them as and when we are noticed

Sharath Reddy