Browsing internet without using browser

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Are there any ways to access internet without using a browser?
If it possible, what is it? How does it work? And can it load any types of data?

I heard that we can use command prompt. but i think it is just hoax 😀

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Browsing internet without using browser


 Hi there,

It is true we can browse a website through a command line (terminal). Have you heard of Lynx? It is the most widely used terminal based web browser. It runs on multiple platforms like Linux, mac, and windows. Well, some people prefer this kind of browser because it is fast. It is fast because there are no images or multimedia contents displayed.

If you are using Linux, just type : sudo apt-get install lynx. And once installed just type : lynx <url> on the terminal.

For downloading and complete installation setup for windows, go to this site : Download Link

Try it now.

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Browsing internet without using browser


Using command prompt window allows you to use some commands used for specific functions. This gives you data information about the computer specifications, network used and allows you to check Internet connectivity.

A Ping test is a command used to check Internet connectivity. This provides information if the website reply back from your request. In this steps, you communicating with the actual website and this considers you using the Internet.

A tracert command used to communicate with the website terminal in the form of hops. Hops indicate in what area is having trouble, Internet connectivity or outside the control of your Internet service Provider.

You can also share file, download data using command prompt. Let's say, your Internet Explorer is corrupted and you have no other means to use to download the software and install new program, you can use command prompt screen to download data files.

A pushd command and a net use command is a good example on how to access Internet using command prompt.

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