Blue Screen error in windows 7

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What is the blue screen error in windows 7?.

Every 10 to 15 min window restart with flashing blue screen.

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Blue Screen error in windows 7


What you are experiencing is if there is an error with your computer in terms of hardware or software.

Solution 1:

Remove all of your hardware and most normally the video card and the memory, once removed, clean or the parts where you connect it through the motherboard by using an eraser. This will remove all black stains in your hardware. Then plug it back in to your computer and then boot it up again and see if the problem is still existing.

Solution 2:

Remove the last installed program or device in your computer because it could be the one that caused the problem that this error occurred.

Solution 3:

Do a System Restore for your computer that sends you back weeks or days or months prior to the usage of your computer. But be careful on using this. Always remember to backup any of your files before doing anything.

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Blue Screen error in windows 7



Blue Screen Error also known as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is essentially a  problem in your operating system when your computer crashes and display an error message with blue background. This can be a vital problem for your operating system or it can be just a temporary glitch.

So when this blue error will be happened on to your operating system then you should uninstall the hardware and software that are most recently installed in your operating system otherwise it cause a problem to system restore. Now reboot your computer and then you need to press F8  to boot up. Finally, you should use the 'Last Known Good Configuration' option for restarting your computer.

Hope when you will do this, your problem may be solved.


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Blue Screen error in windows 7


The blue screen error doesn’t appear regularly. It will only appear if there is a problem with your computer like a problem in the hardware or an application you just installed. Also, it normally appears right after you changed something on your computer. If Windows encountered a system failure, by default, the computer restarts automatically.

But if the option to restart the computer is disabled, instead of restarting the computer a blue screen error appears. In your case, if your computer restarts with a blue screen every 10 to 15 minutes, you need to check your system for errors. Download PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Follow the instructions to download and unpack and then install it.

Once installed, start PC Tools then go to “Recovery” tab and click “Repair Drives”. In “Repair Drive” screen, under “Select Drive Operation”, select “Surface Scan” and check “Perform on reboot”. Select drive C from the list and click “Start” then “Continue”. Exit PC Tools and restart your computer to begin the test.

PC Tools perform surface scan

This will check your system drive or drive C where Windows is installed thoroughly to find problems like in the file system, surface area of the drive, and data structures.

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