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Just want to know why I was blocked on your site? If ever I have done wrong sorry but want to know the reason why.

Thank you,


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I understand the hassle of having your account blocked without knowing the reason why it was done, and there are several reasons why an account might be blocked from certain websites.

Before this account is blocked though a thorough investigation is gathered and done by the committee assigned to it. Thus, it is important that the account holder visit the terms & conditions page and read through it to see if there is something that was missed and done unknowingly which might have caused for the account to be blocked. I would suggest that you visit this site to review our “Terms & Conditions”:

Tanok Bloran

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Hi yman,

We have blocked your account as we found you posted 20+ articles which were copied. We do not accept copied content.

Plagiarism should be checked.

We emailed you the reason as well.


Techyv Admin

Sharath Reddy