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Author: Alwyn white
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Hi experts,

I was trying to install my Blackthorne Pro software.

However, I keep getting an error message that looks like this:

eBay Blackthorne Installer Information
Error 2738. Could not access VBScript run time for custom action.

I don't know where's the problem.

Can you help me fix this?


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You could prefer to be sure you've the most recent updates for Windows or download and establish Microsoft Installer from the Microsoft web site. My Windows 2000 PR establish didn't admit the .net frame. Having had this trouble before I acknowledged I demanded to expend time acquiring windows updated and downloads .net. Once everything was up to date the establishment was harmless. We'd accepted a few months off from eBay marketing so we had an obsolete copy of eBlackthorne.

First I agreed to be sure everything operated - then made a new backup on my fresh machine - then it was time to update from 3.1 .75 to 3.1.121. No troubles running the establishment but when I resumed the program it defaulted to an evacuate database file and established the set-up subordinate. I couldn't detect any way to exit the set-up subordinate without ceasing and you can't alternate databases while in the subordinate.

Finally I detected that the update had made a fresh position for the files and I displaced my master database there to resolve the trouble. This may have been an effect with my windows establish. I may have made a poly- exploiter windows when I had an exclusive user before - not actually sure. So at present I'm running with the most recent edition and everything appears OK.

I think from the above discussion you can solve your problem.

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hi  Alwyn White,
In order for a VBScript file (.vbs) to run, the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) must be installed on the target machine. Error 2738 occurs if a VBScript custom action is being called at some point in the installation and the WSH is not installed on the target machine.
To solve this problem please follow these steps to include the Windows Scripting Host 5.6 merge module into your project. This installs Windows Scripting Host 5.6 onto the target machine at the beginning of the installation.
Select the Redistributables view.
Select the WSH 5.6 merge module.
Rebuild your installation.
The Windows Scripting Host 5.6 merge module is included with InstallShield Express, but if you wish to download the redistributable from Microsoft's site, you can do so from the Microsoft Windows Script Downloads page. link:
Hope these helped