BIOS reading of 12v is only 11.5v.

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BIOS reading of 12v is only 11.5v. Is it a cause for concern?

My computer seems to be working normally though, I didn't notice anything 'different' from its performance.

But is a reading of 11.5v quite low knowing that it is supposed to be 12v?

Will it do some damage to my computer somehow?

Or is it negligible and not a need to worry?

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BIOS reading of 12v is only 11.5v.



No do not be worried 12 v vs. 11.56 is normal even 11 is normal you can take a range; it is round 11 to 13 v. don’t worry about it. you know that electricity voltage in our home is 240 v but it can be down in to 220 v, 20 v less there is no virtually affect and we still don’t aware about it. It is problem with the ampere little change of ampere can cause big problem. The ampere is maximum time same as what wanted. You didn’t see what your voltage was when your CPU is running at 80 to 90 clock speed it is above 12 v.   

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